Before You Come To Our Office

Please bring: A valid photo identification (driver’s license/state ID/passport/
permanent resident card AKA green card) and your insurance card.

If you are a returning patient, please inform
the front-desk receptionist if there have been any changes in
your address or telephone number.

Please call and inform us immediately if there is any change
to your health insurance plan.

Medical Record Release

If you are over 18, you may access your medical records
by visiting one of our offices and signing a release.
Minors require authorization from a parent or legal guardian.

Hospital Stays

If you are hospitalized within the past month,
please call or email us as soon as possible after you are
discharged to schedule an appointment for a post-hospital discharge follow-up.
Please bring all relevant hospital documents to the appointment. 

Pregnancy And Childbirth

If you have delivered a baby, please call
and schedule an office visit with Dr. Sayera haque within 4 weeks of delivery.
This is extremely important and recommended for proper post-partum care.
Please bring all relevant hospital documents to the appointment