Why You Choose
Dr. Sayera Haque As Your primary care Physician

Dr. Sayera Haque has 25+ years experience as an physician in Internal Medicine. She also has experience for 16+ years as an attending physician
in Emergency Room. She treats the patients weekdays, Weekend and late hours.


We are honored to serve county and regional residents. As part of our partnership with the community, we provide health screenings, educational our each and other initiatives that enrich the quality of people’s lives.


7 days a week.

Best Equipment

We always use updated equipment.


Physician–patient privilege is a legal concept, related to medical confidentiality, that protects communications between a patient and their doctor from being used against the patient in court. It is a part of the rules of evidence in many common law jurisdictions.
Haque Medical Office, PC
540 McDonald Ave Suite # 1R/1F Brooklyn, NY 11218
Available 24 hours every day
drhaque7@aol.com (Office)
haque63@aol.com (Administrator)


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